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January 27, 2007

Getting Out of a Funk

I've been in a funk today. I've wasted too much time, and as the time goes by, I get more in a funk and get less done. So much of the problems I have come from a snowballing effect. It's time to get out of the funk. I'm listening to some good music now, doing the hard work I don't want to do, and accepting the problems of the day.

Posted by successfullyshy at 2:12 PM

Recent Updates- No Comments or Trackbacks

For anybody actually reading this blog, sorry about the recent update. I had to republish some of the entries to fix an issue.

I have also turned off comments and trackbacks. I wish I could have comments on this site, but I had to turn them off because of a technical issue. If you have a comment, you can email me at successfullyshy AT gmail DOT com.

Posted by successfullyshy at 2:10 PM

Joe's Goals

I've started using Joe's Goals again to keep track of daily progress with anxiety. It also helps me keep in mind other things to do. It's a very easy site to use.

Posted by successfullyshy at 2:07 PM